Determine exactly what your niche needs before your competition does

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The content you’ll find here will help you to determine exactly what your niche needs before your competition does, so that you can consistently and repeatedly beat your competition to market.

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By mastering this very early in your internet marketing career, this can become one of the keys to your success. Building a list, and stumbling on or being led to content marketing, is a great way to drive nice, targeted traffic.

Obviously, there are a few other pieces that are critical. It’s important to bear in mind that, from an economic perspective, any time you beat your competition to market, you have an edge.

However, at some point, they catch up. So, if you can do an incredible job of creating a phenomenal edge, then once they catch up, you’ll still be ahead because you’re the market leader.

What normally happens in the real world is whoever gets to the market first, wins. However, once everyone else gets to the market, it becomes saturated, which means that prices begin to drop. At that point, you have to make a decision.

Because you entered the market early, if your profit margins are good and your clientele is strong, you can handle lower prices and continue to be profitable. Or, perhaps you’re at a place where you say, “I’ve been growing, income has been great, but now income is down a little bit, but that’s okay, I’m satisfied.”

Or the third option is that you say, “My competition has caught up, it is time to beat my competition to market again with a different topic.” You may be thinking that this has already been done in your market. We’ll pick up here in the next lesson and discuss what you can do about that.

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