Are you afraid of appearing on camera?

Top marketers know appearing on camera increases their know, like and trust factor exponentially. They, also, know your fear of appearing on camera gives them a competitive edge.

Fear of being on camera is a common fear. I, too, was fearful of appearing on camera. But, late last year I conquered my fear and have gotten comfortable creating video - live and recorded.  

Are you ready to conquer your fear? Are you ready to build your brand using video? 

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How I Conquered My Fear

I was challenged by the leader of a Facebook group to only respond using video. It was scary. I wanted to aprticipate, but first I needed to do some research. I spent hours looking for videos on how to be comfident, how to setup my camera, and on and on. Along the way, I found 12 videos that helped me the most and have curated them into a list.

I have put them into a membership site for easy viewing. 

Inside the membership, is a link to the FB group most responsible for my breakthrough. It's a no pitch, no bitch group for action-takers only.

Over one hour of training

The 12 videos are over one hour in total. Delivered in bite-size chunks for easy viewing.

Get dozens of ideas

Each video gives a handful of ideas, tips and tricks. All together you will have a great base to start with.


A Variety of Instructors

There is a good variety of instructors, each with their own point of view. This helps ensure a broad range of ideas. 

Creating custom overlays

Learn how to create custom overlays using free software. This works great with Lives. 

One-time payment of just

$ 6 2
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