I have done a little traveling over the years, but not nearly as much as I would have liked. In 2018, I visited Los Angeles for almost two weeks and spent one week in Costa Rica. In 2017, I know I traveled at least once to Seattle, but can’t recall what other trips I took that were not work related.

One of my goals in the years ahead of me is to travel more, both domestically and internationally.  There are places I want to revisit and places I’ve yet to experience. My hope is to travel to a new country each year and visit a new state, as well. If the winds are blowing in my favor, I might revisit some previous destinations.

The list of countries I have visited is fairly short – Canada, Mexico, Vietnam, Jamaica, Costa Rica, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and the Bahamas are ones that come to mind.  There may be some stragglers I have forgot. I don’t count countries where I only saw the inside of the airport.

As you can see the list is pretty anemic. However, it should not be too hard to double the list in a short period of time. While I prefer a one trip one country schedule, maybe putting a couple or three countries on an itinerary is the way to go.  It might be cheaper and more efficient.

My travel skills are somewhere between novice and intermediate. As I gain experience and confidence, I will share what I learn. This might be tips on packing or tips on things to experience in a particular place.

On this page, I will endeavor to put links to my travel related posts.